050: The Importance of In-kind Gifts for Nonprofits

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Hey Changemakers, 

This week we dive into why in-kind gifts are so important for nonprofit organizations and why you should track these valuable resources. In-kind resources are goods, services, and people who offset the costs to run your nonprofit organization; these are your budget relieving resources. Their value should be noted and is an important part of relationship building for nonprofit organizations. Below is a checklist to help you reflect on the last fiscal year and prepare for how in-kind will help your organization in the new year. However, sometimes those in-kind gifts are not truly helping your nonprofit organization, don't be afraid to say NO if you don't need it!

Grant Tip: You can use in-kind gifts as a matching opportunity in grant writing if the project allows and the in-kind is directly part of the project!!
Example: the classes you provide to your service demographic are held in your in-kind office space!

Use the provided checklist (below to help) you navigate some of the following:

  • What types of in-kind does your nonprofit need?
  • Do you have projected in-kind gifts for the new year?
  • Does it help cover parts the projected budget for your organization?
  • Which were the lowest hanging fruit (easiest to obtain)? Focus on how to continue to grow that relationship!
In-kind Checklist & Tracking

Click here for a FREE Sample Checklist!



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