051: 6 Ways to Stand Out on Giving Tuesday

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Hey Changemakers, 

As we are quickly approaching the holiday season we will be focusing on tips to help you with your organization's end of the year giving. Today's episode includes 6 ways you can stand out on #GivingTuesday! Last minute campaigns are okay but keep your expectations in line with the planning your team has done. Here are 6 tips to help you join in on this international movement; 

1. Don't Focus on the Money; Think About the Exposure!
Participating in #GivingTuesday is worth it! Even if your organization does not generate a million dollars or even thousands, the exposure to new potential supporter is wonderful. Being part of the movement is meaningful, be sure to keep your goals realistic and think of the long-term benefits of participating. 

2.  When Planning out your Strategy, Tie it into your End of Year Giving
Use #GivingTuesday as an opportunity to launch your end of the year giving; keep the story going! This can be the starting point, and use the money successfully raised to tie into your larger goal for holiday giving. The most important thing is that you stay consistent and keep telling your story; supporters won't get tired of hearing about your impact!  

3. Tell Your Story in a Positive Way so you Compel your Donors to Give 
Don't be so abstract and just state what you do and ask donors to give. Tell a story, have someone whose life has been changed by your organization share their story and impact your organization had for them. You need to evoke emotions and connection to your cause, to have a meaningful call to action. 


4. Troubleshoot Before the Campaign Launches 
Make sure those donation buttons work! You can have a strong call to action but if your campaign is not easy to give to, then you will lose out on donations. Have your internal team check (and double check!) before launch day. 

5. Go Visual
Use more photos and videos! As we live in a world where there is so much information coming at us all the time, it is important to be quick and grab attention. Using little time to make a BIG impact! Less text, keep your story short and use your videos (keep these short too!) and pictures to draw in supporters to learn about your amazing work.  

6. Set an Achievable Goal and Celebrate with Your Community 
You can do this, even if it is last minute. Keep it simple and join the movement!! #GivingTuesday is a positive social movement to generate funding for nonprofit organizations around the world. Participation in the movement is meaningful. Perhaps you don't raise a ton on the day of, but often times it takes 7 touches before someone opens their wallet to give to a cause. But trust me they are paying attention and they see your work, stay motivated and consistent and your story will spread, generating funds to support your cause over the long term. 


Be sure to hashtag #wegogrants so we can see your campaigns and help support you! 




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