061: Get Ready & Prepare Strong Letters of Commitment

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Hi Changemakers,

Last minute letters of commitment do not usually pan out. Be sure to take the time to prepare strong letters of commitment. Funders can tell the difference between quality letters and those just thrown together. More often than not it is a direct reflection of the quality of your organization's collaborative process. So build in the time to prepare letters that will carry real weight. 

As you prepare your letter make sure it is in line with the grant proposal you are working on. Check out these format tips below to help create a strong letter of commitment.

1. Be succinct! 
2. Include the logo of the partner on the header. 
3. Use Times New Roman, 12-pt font and one-inch margins (unless font or size is indicated). 
4. Make sure it includes the value and/or time commitment. 
5. Make sure it is signed and dated! 


If you would like to take advantage of a FULL sample letter of commitment or template to help you prepare, be sure to sign up for our Grant Writing & Funding Changemaker Membership! Join the tribe today! 





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