062: How will a MOU strengthen your grant application?

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Hi Changemakers,

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a non-legally binding document, that describes the commitment of roles and responsibilities for each partner. It is often used because it has more teeth than a Letter of Commitment.

8 Tips to Create a Strong MOU 

1. Formatting Tips!

  • Be succinct
  • Include the logo of your partner
  • Include page numbers
  • Keep the final commitment page and signature page separate. AND be sure the MOU is signed and dated! 

2. Introduction

  • Include the full name of partners and the grant program name
  • Include 'Memorandum of Understanding' in the header 

3. Description of Partner Agencies

  • Identify the background of partners (i.e. When were they founded? What type of organization are they?)
  • Explain and efforts completed that are related to the grant 

4. History of Partnership

  • When was it first established and list  any past partnership accomplishments 

5. Development of the Application 

  • How did you come up with this part of the project, who was involved, why was the project even developed?
  • This is where you fill in all the context components 

6. Roles and Responsibilities
  • What is their role in the project? Don't forget to explain who is responsible for what - so no one can question their role as it will be explicitly laid out  

7. Timeline
  • How long will this specific partnership take place for? (the duration of the grant project) 

8. The Commitment of Partnership and Signatures 



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