034 Mind Mapping for Grants with Leone Williams-Rohr

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Hi ChangeMakers!

We have a special podcast and video for you today! If you have ever been stumped when it comes to writing grants and have stared at a blank screen or had to re-write a million times, then this interview is for you!

Leone is the executive director of a nonprofit, Parents Empowering Parents of Children with Disabilities (PEP) and CEO of Crafting My Powerful Life and Life Crafter Consulting, a Disability Advocacy and Training Services Company. She started PEP in 2013 after advocating for her own two children with autism (this lady has 11 kids!). As she went through to become a certified trainer, she came across a course in Mind Mapping and it became the holy grail for her. Now she uses this method of Mind Mapping to outline grants, strategies, fundraisers, and even her own life. 

Join me today as Leone shares her tips on Mind Mapping and how it can improve efficiency for your nonprofit and for writing grants.

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Leone Williams-Rohr, founder of Life Crafter Consulting, is a parent of two children living life with autism.  This daunting experience led her to where and who she is today - an advocate and change agent for children and families living with disabilities. She turned her struggle and passion into a positive and proactive approach by forming a nonprofit with six other mothers called Parents Empowering Parents of Children with Disabilities, Inc., on the island of Guam in October 2013.  As the executive director, she grew the nonprofit from the trunk of her car to a successful Parent Training and Information Disability Center. The Disability Center succeeded in serving families one-on-one, training over 200 parents and professionals in 2017, and collaborating with multiple government agencies to host the annual Island wide Conference on Disabilities to improve the future of children with disabilities.


Leone is not only a successful business owner but also a keynote speaker, trainer and leadership development coach.  She facilitates fundraisers, created an inclusive summer camp program called, I Can Too! for “Children with Distinct Abilities” and their Siblings, spearheaded the first disability awareness and acceptance sunset 5K, and solicits in-kind and monetary donations from large corporations, individuals and agencies.


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