3 Tactics You Didn’t Know to Become a Nonprofit Executive Director Ninja

What if you had a checklist to help streamline your duties as an executive director of a nonprofit organization?

Sometimes an executive director of a nonprofit organization is stereotyped as juggling a million things and getting paid peanuts. But this doesn’t, nor shouldn’t, need to be the case. For a nonprofit organization to thrive, the executive director should have a roadmap. Some nonprofit organizations may not even have an executive director yet, and are even drooling at this aspect of having one!

But the deal is – if your nonprofit is so fortunate to have an executive director – don’t burn them out!

So here’s the old hierarchal order of a nonprofit. There is a board of directors that provides guidance for the nonprofit organization and then the executive director implements this guidance. Of course, the board should still support the mission in governance ways, and other staff, volunteers, and consultants can help out too!

The executive director is then often tasked with a lot of items, ranging from taking minutes of meetings to writing grants! This is why they get the stereotype of juggling a lot of diverse responsibilities.

Well, if you know of a busy nonprofit executive director that feels like they are virtually drowning, or if you are one, then you will want to listen to this week’s podcast!

Sean discusses the following:

  • How to communicate with your board of directors
  • How to delegate
  • How to manage time (time management hacks)
  • What activities to focus on most of the time (high level)
  • What you should ask for in a contract and why one is important
  • Much more…

Here is an excellent infographic every executive director should print out and refer to concerning time management…

About Sean Kosofsky

Sean Kosofsky is the NonProfit Fixer! He has worked in nonprofits for more than 27 years, including as executive director for five organizations. He has worked in policy, communications, grassroots advocacy, direct service, development, management and served on numerous boards. He has raised millions of dollars for causes, candidates, and campaigns. His work has appeared in news stories around the world, and he has offered webinars or blog posts through AFPCandid, IdealwareBloomerangWild Apricot, and Pamela Grow’s Motivate Mondays.

He has worked on a wide range of issues including LGBTQ equality, reproductive justice, voting access, bullying prevention, climate change, and more. He offers coaching, consulting, training and free tools at his website Nonprofitfixer.com and courses at http://Learn.MindTheGapConsulting.org.

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