7 Myths That You Need To Know About Grants & Freelance Grant Writing

These are 7 myths about grant writing and freelance grant writing that I have heard time and time again.

In this week’s podcast episode, I am going to break down each of the following:

#1: Grants Are Easy To Get

Grants are not super easy to write. In fact, if you are a grant writing you are probably chuckling right now. Grants are competitive. They aren’t impossible to get, nor are they so easy that you don’t need to learn the technique behind grant writing.

#2: Grants Don’t Have to Be Paid Back No Matter What

Sure, overall grants don’t have to be paid back. However, if grants aren’t spent properly they might need to be paid back. Always check with the program office if you need to modify a budget to get permission before you spend for something not approved!

#3 Grants Can Cover My Personal Debt

Moreover, you are not going to get a funding source to pay off your BMW. Grants are created for specific purposes, and those purposes usually don’t include a direct deposit to pay off your personal debt.

#4: Grants are Similar to Writing an English Paper

Writing English literature papers is not like writing a grant. Grant writing has specific technical methods and is different than writing an English paper. That said, writers in other genres and disciplines can learn how to write grants!

#5: I Should Write Grants For Free

Eek! If you have the skillset and experience, you can definitely charge nonprofit organizations to write grants or get a position as a paid grant writer!

#6: I Can Get Paid on Commission

No, no, no. This is unethical, against Best Practices, ineligible to be charged for in federal grants, and is a product you create! You should get paid to write a grant with other funds.

#7: I Can Get Paying Clients With No Grant Writing Experience

Okay, I know  I said you should get paid to write grants. You should – if you have the experience. However, if you are new to writing grants, then you may need to volunteer for a few months to get some grant writing experience, take a course to learn some skills or do an internship. This will help build your skills so then you can charge for it!

Make sure you listen to the full podcast to get SO many more details and examples about the  7 Myths You Need to Know About Grants & Freelance Grant Writing!

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