Why & How You Should Start a Cause Movement for What You are Passionate About

Starting a nonprofit organization is not the only way to create and advance a cause movement that you are passionate about. Sometimes a cause movement is as simple as volunteering for a cause, donating to a mission, or cleaning up a beach.

But sometimes you want to go a step deeper and have your passion drive your creativity into manifesting something new with meaningful thought.

That’s what Rebecca Soriano has done! She has always been passionate about mental health and in her medical billing business serves a clientele of mental health providers.

During the pandemic though, Rebecca started a movement she calls Roar to Soar where she started to write handwritten letters to help with her own isolation. She started to see the impact these letters had (both for those who received them, as well as for her personal growth), and started to reach out to strangers who also felt isolated.

In fact, she posted online if people felt hopeless if they would like a letter and received 40+ requests per day. The movement grew from there where she also started writing letters to incarcerated individuals and creating friendships.

Rebecca also put together a YouTube video to showcase the human connection to incarcerated individuals that she has developed through hand written letters: