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Holly’s an established speaker who motivates and inspires! Not only is she a podcast host of the top-ranked Grant Writing & Funding podcast, but she has also been a featured speaker at:

  • National Grant Writing Professionals National Conference (2019)
  • Guam Economic Development Authority Virtual LEAP Conference (2020)
  • Guam Community College WORC Conference (2020)
  • Fanachu Famalaoan
  • University of Guam Annual Research Conference (2018 & 2019)
  • Rotaract Club (2019)
  • Language Arts Conference (2019)
  • Plenary Key Speaker for GO PEACE Conference & invited Conference Speaker
  • National Women in Construction Annual Conference
  • Human Trafficking Awareness Month at the Government House for the U.S. Attorney General
  • Office of Violence Against Women Annual S*T*O*P Conference for the Guam Federal Programs Office
  • Featured on podcasts, such as Nonprofit Ally, Nonprofit Jenni, Nonprofit.Courses, KUAM, K57, and other media


Work one-on-one with Holly on your latest grant and learn how to get unstuck in your freelance grant writing company.  You can grab a “Pick Holly’s Brain” one-off coaching call when you get stuck or quarterly coaching.

Do you want longer-term coaching? Contact Holly to elevate your grant or build your freelance business!


Pricing starts at $6,000 for federal grants and $3,000 for foundation grants. Please only contact me for serious inquiries.