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Testimony of the Week



4 ways to utilize the grant as a product:

1) Update & Resubmit the grant application! If grant is not awarded, then ask the funding source that you applied to for feedback.

2) Update/tweak the grant and submit it to other open grant solicitations! You obviously still need money for that project, so find other good-fit funding sources to submit to.

3) Repurpose the grant application for other funding streams. You have created a product and if it is a good grant application it has updated statistics to lend credibility to your project, a defined target population, a specific goal, S.M.A.R.T. objectives, a timeline, evaluation process, data gathering process, and updated information about your organization.

4) Provides Clarity. Just the nature of creating a grant application creates clarity.


3 Ways a Nonprofit Can Pay a Grant Writer


1) Fundraise! The nonprofit can do some fundraising (car washes, bake sales, online fundraiser, etc.) to generate general funds to pay a grant writer!

2) Generate income from a product or service: Many  nonprofits have thrift stores, cafes, provide counseling, etc. to generate general operating funds for their nonprofit. Having a diversity of income is fundamental for creating healthy nonprofits!

3) Utilize the Indirect-Cost Rate: If you utilize an indirect cost rate for your budgets, then including a sustainability developer (or something of that nature) may be something to consider! Refer to this podcast on indirect cost rate for more information!


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Listen to the FULL podcast on iTunesSoundCloud or Stitcher