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How For-Profit Businesses Support Nonprofits with Alexis Cook

By Holly Rustick


Alexis Cook is the Co-Founder and Co-President of Unlocked, an ethical jewelry brand that employs and empowers women transitioning out of homelessness in Nashville, Tennessee. She was an Ingram Scholar at Vanderbilt, where she majored in Human and Organizational Development and Economics. Alexis and her co-founder began Unlocked while undergrad students at Vanderbilt, and they went full-time upon graduation in August of 2018. In that short time, Unlocked has grown rapidly and has been in many publications, including the Social Enterprise Alliance and News Channel 5.   

You can learn more about Alexis, Unlocked, and all the Makers at their website, Facebook, or on Instagram.

Be sure to check out their Indiegogo campaign running now through October 12th!

Alexis and Makers


In this week’s episode, you’ll learn all about:

  • The incredible and inspiring backstory for Unlocked (it’ll give you all the feels!)
  • How market research guided their business
  • How they connect with non-profit businesses to employ Makers for the jewelry and provide services for them to help transition out of homelessness
  • Why they chose to become a for-profit business instead of a non-profit
  • Unlocked’s vision for 2020 and beyond
  • How non-profits can develop relationships with for-profit businesses
  • The growth of for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations
  • Identifying the right product lines and designs
  • A pricing model for accessibility and inclusivity
  • Where can you find Unlocked jewelry?
Watch the YouTube Interview with Holly & Alexis 


Gallery of Unlocked Jewelry made by the Makers



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