15 Simple Steps to Create Successful Articles of Incorporation

Developing Articles of Incorporation is the next step in filing with your state and getting your nonprofit established. Now, every state is different in their requirements, and you can vist your State’s nonprofit resources to see different state requirements. Sometimes States have very basic Articles of Incorporation to easily fill out in a pre-formatted file, but you will have to develop your federal Articles of Incorporation if you want federal tax-exemption.

Throughout the podcast, I go over 15 simple steps to creating Articles of Incorporation and what they mean!  If you would like to download a free template of the Articles of Incorporation, please CLICK HERE!

Why do you NEED Articles of Incorporation?

  1. Articles are Required for starting a federal tax-exempt nonprofit organization
  2. Articles will give your nonprofit guidance in how it should operate

As you will most likely have new board members come on from time to time, it is good to have guidance for the structure of your nonprofit.

Articles of Incorporation act like a constitution for your nonprofit.  They give governing requirements.

For you grant writers, you may get asked to help start nonprofits. I know I get this request often, so it is good to have a Nonprofit toolkit with templates to work from. I’m sharing the Articles of Incorporation with you today!

Throughout the podcast, you can hear the full description of what to include in your Articles of Incorporation. Download here to follow along!


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