3 Ways To Create A Name For Your Freelance Grant Writing Business

There always comes a time when starting a business that stumps people.

Creating the best name for your grant writing business is one of those times. Sometimes it completely throws people off the tracks that they never get back on and actually start their business.

Don’t let this stop you!

To help you navigate this process I have identified three different ways (and the pros and cons) to help you find the best name for you grant writing business.

#1 Use Your Name


  • It is more personalized
  • If you have a unique name it won’t be taken!
  • It works for the 80% connection of social media (I am commenting on other people’s post, not a business name).
  • It is easier to get started (you don’t need to spend months trying to figure it out)


  • If you have a common name, you will need to add a little more in, i.e. “Holly Rustick Grant Writing Consultancy”
  • If your name changes (get married, divorced, etc.) then your name shift can be difficult
  • If you decide to dissolve your business, then you may need to rebuild your social media and website branding
  • You can’t separate yourself from your business so easily

#2 Basic Company Name


  • It tells the story very quickly of what you do; i.e. Grant Writing & Funding
  • It is found more easily when people are searching online (i.e. someone looking for grant writing and my business pops up. They aren’t looking for my name, but for what I do).


  • A lot of the popular super basic domain names; i.e. www.grantwritingandfunding.com, are taken
  • It can feel a little sterile
  • Some people forget to personalize their branding because their business name is what they do and not who they are (i.e. they use stock photos and not pictures of themselves).

#3 Whimsical Name


  • It can be fun and exemplify your character
  • You might be passionate about the words


  • It can be too abstract that you won’t get noticed; “Wish Granted!” vs. “The Beginner’s Guide to Grant Writing.”
  • It can confuse your ideal client because they won’t know what you do
  • It can be cute to you, but hard to pronounce and doesn’t connect to other people