If you need some new and fresh ideas on fundraising then you definitely need to check out this interview! You will love Beaudy’s positive, infectious energy!!

Beaudy and I Discuss:

  • How Beaudy got started with fundraising and why she built her business
  • The different categories and types of fundraisers, including definitions and examples
    • Service
    • Event
    • Raffle/Sweepstakes
    • Games/Contests/Competitions
    • Grams/Giveaways
    • Products
    • Sponsorship/Donations
    • Crowdfunding
    • Loyalty Programs
    • Collection Programs
  • Save time on fundraising by using expert advice
  • Tips for planning fundraising events
  • Unique and memorable fundraiser ideas you can borrow for your nonprofit!
  • Which fundraiser you should do in November
  • Creating a fundraising plan for 2020

Beaudy’s Top Quotes:

 “Turn your passion into a paycheck!”

“Fundraising events should be 1) Safe, 2) Fun, and 3) Profitable!”

Beaudy’s Bio:

Beaudy Camacho is the founder of the events agency Fundforte, with a focus on fundraising, special events, and custom parties. Ms. Camacho has received numerous awards and recognition for her products, services, volunteerism, and support for many causes such as the success and well-being of others, education, arts, and the environment. With the most recent being the Small Business Association’s 2018 Home-based Business Champion for the Island of Guam.

Plans for the future of Fundforte include giving back to the community through free publications in digital and print and creating a program to bring birthday parties to the less fortunate. The company will soon be providing more digital products, online courses and 1:1 coaching on fundraisers, parties and special events that will assist other event planners, fundraiser coordinators and party promoters or entertainers to become the best versions of themselves.

Connect with Beaudy:

For more information on Beaudy or the Fundforte team, please visit www.fundforte.com where you can find links to all their social media, podcasts, and YouTube channel!

Watch the full interview with Beaudy!

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