Hi there!
My name is Holly Rustick.

I’ve dedicated nearly two decades of my life to helping nonprofit organizations and grant writers (and volunteers, board members, & everyday people!) get funding. I have learned a lot over the years and have dedicated myself to teaching a tribe of grant writers drive positive change for nonprofits while having an abundant lifestyle.

Holly’s Story

Martial Arts, Teachers & an NGO

I’ve been on all sides of the coin concerning grants. But how did I get there? Let’s rewind to 2005…

Humidity caused the long-sleeved cotton shirt to stick to my back as I leaned forward to get a better look at the sketch on the napkin that Noor held up. It was a little difficult to see as she swung it around in desperation while animatedly speaking in the universal Indonesian language, Bahasa Indonesian.

Once she got a breath in, I looked at her evenly and nodded my head firmly. “Ya, Saya bantu,” I said in broken Indonesian and then reaffirmed in English…

“Yes, I will help.”