Become a Federal Grant Reviewer

Get paid to review grants & increase your grant writing skills!

4 Videos, Workbook, 57-Page Guide with Federal Grant Reviewer Links, and a Canva Resume Template… all ready for you in ONE beautiful dashboard & just a few clicks away!

See What’s Inside the Become a Federal Grant Reviewer Course!

This is for you, if you are a:

  • Grant Writer (or want to become one!)
  • Executive Director of a Nonprofit
  • Fundraising Developer or Grant Writer for a Nonprofit

  • Freelance Grant Writer or Nonprofit Consultant

And you want to:

  • Write BETTER grants!

  • Learn HOW to review grants!
  • Increase YOUR resume!

  • Get PAID! (yes, you get a stipend as a reviewer)
  • Win MORE Grants!

Introducing the Become a Federal Grant Reviewer Course

A Video Course, Workbook, Guidebook with all the Links, and Canva Template to ensure you are successful in understanding the federal grant review process and that you have the best knowledge and resources to secure federal grant reviewer opportunities!

What’s Included in the Become a Federal Grant Reviewer Course

Module #1

You will get the overall information needed to understand a federal grant reviewer:

  • Full video taught by Holly 
  • What a Federal Grant Reviewer Is
  • Expectations of a Federal Grant Reviewer
  • What a Federal Grant Reviewer Does
  • Benefits of Becoming a Federal Grant Reviewer
  • And More…

Module #2

You will learn how to identify federal grant-making agencies:

  • Full video taught by Holly
  • Learn about the 26 federal grant-making agencies
  • How to best select a federal agency program
  • Where the federal agency reviewer links are 
  • How to analyze a NOFA
  • And more…

Module #3

You will learn how to use the 57-page Federal Grant Agency Guide:

  • Full video taught by Holly 
  • Go behind the workbook to see how to use the guide
  • Get the 57-page Links & Opportunity Guide
  • And more…

Module #4

You will learn how to write a resume for federal grant reviewing opportunities:

  • Full video taught by Holly 
  • Tips on how to get selected as a federal grant reviewer
  • How to write the most compelling resume
  • Canva resume template!
  • And more…

Plus, You Get…


Follow along workbook (with checklist) for the Become a Federal Grant Reviewer Course!

57-Page Guide

Get the full guide with links to federal grant reviewer opportunities, descriptions, and inside information!

World-renowned Grant Writer & Bestselling Author Holly Rustick has nearly two decades of funding development and organizational development with nonprofits.

Holly Rustick nonprofit start up

Holly Rustick

Founder and CEO, Grant Writing & Funding

Holly Rustick, M.A. is the bestselling author of “The Beginner’s Guide to Grant Writing” and is the podcast host of the top-ranked grant podcast, Grant Writing & Funding. Holly is also CEO of Grant Writing & Funding and has been writing grants for nonprofits around the world for nearly two decades. She has worked in Indonesia, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Belgium, Guam, and the United States in nonprofit consulting and has helped nonprofits secure millions of dollars. With a master’s degree in International Political Economy, she serves as past-president of the Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce and the Guam Business Recovery Task Force. Holly has trained hundreds of nonprofits around the world through her courses, as well as a multitude of customized nonprofit training and facilitation.

Holly has been a federal grant reviewer for nearly a decade and owes much grant writing success to this process!

Taking the “Become a Federal Grant Reviewer” Course means YOU can…

  • Increase your grant writing skills!

  • Save TONS of time by having all the reviewer links (no digging!)

  • Get resume tips (and a Canva template!) to be competitive in getting selected as a reviewer!

  • Add to your resume and get more nonprofit clients!

Inside the Become a Federal Grant Reviewer Course, you’ll get:

  • 4 Recorded video lessons,
  • Workbook (including checklists)
  • 57-Page guidebook to include federal reviewer links
  • Canva Resume Template
  • $75 Coupon off of Holly’s Signature Courses!


Nope, I cannot guarantee that as there are too many external moving parts.

However, you will 100X your potential in getting your foot in the door of becoming a federal grant reviewer if you follow the steps outlined in the course!

You have instant access to all modules (videos and downloadables) to the Become a Federal Grant Reviewer Course.

You will get access to the online course where you go at your own pace and can come back to again and again in our online portal.

You will have access to our beautiful platform immediately!

You have unlimited access to the online version of the course. All the material will be continuously updated!

This is a 4-Module course, and will take about an hour to watch the videos. To do the research of reviewing grant reviewer opportunities will take a bit more time ;).

Here at Grant Writing & Funding we have a no refund policy. We care about the success of each and everyone of our learners. We also care about the value of respecting one another’s time.

We encourage you to take the time to read the sales page and email ([email protected]) if you have any questions.

We are here to help if you need any assistance before and after joining the course.