The Nonprofit Wellness Audit

Get your T’s crossed and I’s dotted so you can secure funding for your nonprofit organization

4 Modules with in-depth videos, Checklist for your Audit, 145-Point Rating Sheet,  full Nonprofit Wellness Audit Report, 32+ Templates and Resources … all ready for you in ONE beautiful dashboard & just a few clicks away!

Join Nonprofit Funding Expert Holly Rustick and See What’s Inside the Nonprofit Wellness Audit

This is for you, if you are a:

  • Board Director on a Nonprofit
  • Executive Director of a Nonprofit

  • Fundraising Developer or Grant Writer for a Nonprofit

  • Freelance Grant Writer or Nonprofit Consultant


  • You get stressed out when thinking about where to find all your important documents. You aren’t even sure what all those important documents are!

  • You are stuck in the funding grind and haven’t stopped to really get your ducks in a row.

  • You have a hard time getting your board of directors involved in fundraising or engaged at all.

But you want to:

  • Have an active board of directors that contribute to your nonprofit

  • Increase funding for your nonprofit
  • Ensure your nonprofit has credibility & transparency to secure funding sources

  • Offer another service (freelance grant writers / nonprofit consultants)

    • You want an easy to learn and easy to customize service to help those nonprofits positioned to secure funding
    • You want multiple streams of income
    • You want a service to provide as onboarding or when nonprofits aren’t grant ready
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If You Don’t Figure This Out…

  • You will spend hours of time tracking down important ‘missing’ documents – or trying to create them at the last minute when they are requested (and possibly miss grant deadlines).

  • You will be grasping at straws with your board members who aren’t sure what to do or how to contribute.

  • You might miss out on funding because you don’t have fiscal policies & procedures in place. And you might get dinged majorly on your audits

  • You’ll miss out on engaging donors because you aren’t communicating your brand effectively.

Taking the Nonprofit Wellness Audit Course Means You Can….

  • Increase transparency for your nonprofit with all the right templates and resources!

  • Create credibility for your nonprofit organization!

  • Increase funding capability due to having a toolkit to get your ducks in a row.

  • Feel and BE confident with understanding how your nonprofit operates!!

  • Offer the Nonprofit Wellness Audit as an additional service (freelancers/consultants)

Introducing the Nonprofit Wellness Audit

A course and resource toolkit to ensure your nonprofit organization has all your ducks in a row. 

You will get all the training, resources to make sure funding sources are confident in your nonprofit’s ability to efficiently manage money and effectively implement programs.  Finally.

What’s Included in the Nonprofit Wellness Audit

non-profit bylaws

Module #1

Organizational Items

You will get the overall items needed for your nonprofit to improve its framework.

  • Full video taught by Holly describing how to get 25 points for this section
  • Articles, Downloadables, Templates, & Samples: 
    • Articles of Incorporation Template and Sample
    • Bylaws Template and Sample
    • 14 Secrets to NOT leave out from your bylaws
    • Board Roles & Responsibilities
    • Compensation Reimbursement Sample Policy
    • Board of Directors list
    • Employee and Staff List
  • And more…
not-for-profit board of directors

Module #2

Board Structure

You will learn how funding sources evaluate your board structure when considering awarding your nonprofit funding:

  • Full video taught by Holly describing how to get 50 points for this section
  • Articles, Downloadables, Templates, & Samples:
    • Removing Ineffective Board Members
    • Non-Staff and Board Compensation
    • Information on Board Training
    • Board Size Recommendations
    • Minutes of Meeting Template
    • Conflict of Interest Template
    • Dissolution Clause Sample
    • Bylaws Sample Template
  • And more…
nonprofit funding

Module #3

Financial Capabilities

You will learn what funding sources are analyzing when reviewing your nonprofit’s financial capabilities:

  • Full video taught by Holly describing how to get 35 points for this section
  • Articles, Downloadables, Templates, & Samples:
    • Guide to Fiscal Policies and Procedures
    • Financial policies and procedures
    • Income and Expense Budget Template
    • Volunteer and In-Kind Template Logs
    • In-Kind Checklist
    • 990s directions
    • Master Program Budget with samples for Matching
  • And more…
non-profit funding

Module #4

Other Items

You will learn how to increase your nonprofit’s presence so when funding sources look you up online they feel confident in giving you funding:

  • Full video taught by Holly describing how to get 35 points for this section
  • Articles, Downloadables, Templates, & Samples:
    • The Essential Nonprofit Strategic Plan Template
    • Your Best Year Ever – Strategic Planning
    • Elevator Message Tips and Template
    • Elevator Message Template
    • Mission and Vision Statements Template
  • And more…

Plus, You Get…

nonprofit funding checklist

Full Audit Checklist

Get a full checklist for all the documents you need to conduct a Nonprofit Wellness Audit.

145-Point Rating Sheet

Get a full 145-point rating sheet and information on scoring.

Full Master Nonprofit Wellness Audit Report

Get the full Nonprofit Wellness Audit Report that is a full master document to include all recommendations and resources to improve every area of your nonprofit.

Directions for Nonprofit Consultants

Find out how to utilize the Nonprofit Wellness Audit as a service offering. (Special section)

non-profit grant readiness

World-renowned Grant Writer & Bestselling Author Holly Rustick has nearly two decades of funding development and organizational development with nonprofits.

Holly Rustick nonprofit start up

Holly Rustick

Founder and CEO, Grant Writing & Funding

Holly Rustick, M.A. is the bestselling author of “The Beginner’s Guide to Grant Writing” and is the podcast host of the top-ranked grant podcast, Grant Writing & Funding. Holly is also CEO of Grant Writing & Funding and has been writing grants for nonprofits around the world for nearly two decades. She has worked in Indonesia, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Belgium, Guam, and the United States in nonprofit consulting and has helped nonprofits secure millions of dollars. With a master’s degree in International Political Economy, she serves as past-president of the Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce and the Guam Business Recovery Task Force. Holly has trained hundreds of nonprofits around the world through her courses, as well as a multitude of customized nonprofit training and facilitation.

Holly Rustick Featured Trainer

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Taking the Nonprofit Wellness Audit means YOU can…

  • Increase transparency for your nonprofit with all the right templates and resources!

  • Create credibility for your nonprofit organization!

  • Increase funding capability due to having a toolkit to get your ducks in a row.

  • Feel and BE confident with understanding how your nonprofit operates!!

  • Offer the Nonprofit Wellness Audit as an additional service (freelancers/consultants)

Inside the Nonprofit Wellness Audit, you’ll get:

  • 4 Recorded video lessons,
  • 23+ downloadable worksheets and checklists,
  • Checklist for materials to gather
  • 145-point Rating Sheet 
  • Full Master Nonprofit Wellness Audit Report
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What Lovely People Say…

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On the Inside of the Nonprofit Wellness Audit

Your Next Step

The Nonprofit Wellness Audit is a 4-Module Online course walking you through everything you need to know to improve your nonprofit’s transparency and credibility to secure funding.

This is for you…

  • If you want to increase funding for your nonprofit organization.
  • If you want to get all your ducks in a row for your nonprofit organization.
  • Or if you are a freelance grant writer or nonprofit consultant and want to offer the Nonprofit Wellness Audit as a service offering.

I look forward to see you in the course



non-profit grant readiness


First, we have to define the word success.

If you’re hoping to find a silver bullet that requires very little work on your part and still guarantees your nonprofit organization is successful, then this program isn’t for you.

However, if you are looking for a system that has a proven track record of increasing transparency, capacity, and credibility for nonprofit organizations, then the Nonprofit Wellness Audit is a perfect fit!

You have instant access to all modules (videos and downloadables) to the Nonprofit Wellness Audit.

You will get access to the online course where you go at your own pace and can come back to again and again in our online portal.

You will have access to our beautiful platform immediately!

You have unlimited access to the online version of the course. All the material will be continuously updated!

This is a 4-Module course, where each video is about 30-45 minutes.

Here at Grant Writing & Funding we have a no refund policy. We care about the success of each and everyone of our learners. We also care about the value of respecting one another’s time.

We encourage you to take the time to read the sales page and email ([email protected]) if you have any questions.

We are here to help if you need any assistance before and after joining the course.

The Nonprofit Wellness Audit will help your nonprofit position itself for funding. What we rate is what funding sources are looking for in credible and transparent nonprofit organizations. Therefore, we base our recommendations and resources on what areas your nonprofit can improve upon to increase your credibility in the eye’s of funding sources.

Think of the Nonprofit Wellness Audit being the framework in how your nonprofit operates.

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