How to Harness Your Nonprofit Board Structure to Raise Money

Raising money for your nonprofit might feel like a stretch for your already overworked board of directors. However, launching or reviving a development (fundraising) committee could solve your money problems.

You may never have heard of a development committee.

Or you may have a development committee but it’s stagnant.

And then once you have a development committee, your next question might be:

What do we do?

Well, look no further.

Sean Kosofsky from Nonprofit Fixer shares with how to harness your development committee to raise money for your nonprofit.

Sean also goes into detail why your development committee should not be just your board of directors.

What We Discuss in This Podcast:

  • What a Development Committee is
  • The 3 Must-Do’s for a Development Committee
  • How to get Volunteers to Serve on the Development Committee
  • What the Development Committee Should Do
  • How the Development Committee Gets Task Completed
  • How to Get your Volunteers out of Social Loafing
  • Why Scheduling Meetings is Important
  • Ideas to Make it FUN!
  • 115 Ideas for Fundraising!

If you know that your board of directors needs help with fundraising, this episode is for you!

Who is Sean Kosofsky?

nonprofit fixerSean Kosofsky is the NonProfit Fixer! He has worked in nonprofits for more than 27 years, including as executive director for five organizations. He has worked in policy, communications, grassroots advocacy, direct service, development, management and served on numerous boards. He has raised millions of dollars for causes, candidates, and campaigns. His work has appeared in news stories around the world, and he has offered webinars or blog posts through AFP, Candid, Idealware, Bloomerang, Wild Apricot, and Pamela Grow’s Motivate Mondays.

He has worked on a wide range of issues including LGBTQ equality, reproductive justice, voting access, bullying prevention, climate change, and more. He offers coaching, consulting, training and free tools.

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