How & Where to Find CARES Act Funding for Nonprofits

Has your nonprofit, or the nonprofits you work with, received any CARES Act Funding? If not, you will want to listen to this full podcast!

This week Mr. Tim Butler comes on the Grant Writing & Funding Podcast to discuss how your nonprofit can tap into CARES Act Funding before this round is gone. Yes, certain stipulations have been made so that states and cities distribute their portion of CARES Act funding by a certain time. In some cases, it’s as soon as November 15th, 2020. However, there will be some extensions, but it’s better to jump in on this now rather than later.

About Tim Butler:

Long have the disparities in America existed between the haves and have nots. But Tim is here to close the gap and shrink that great divide.

Tim Butler, Founder & Owner of Freelance Soul Professional Services, an unapologetically black male-owned grant writing and fundraising consulting firm. Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Historic Black Wall Street), Tim specializes in working with individuals and entities from historically underrepresented communities and vulnerable populations (e.g. people of color, women, veterans, faith communities, LGBTQ+, those with disabilities, disadvantaged international organizations, etc.).

Tim has secured over $1M for startups, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurs through grants and corporate sponsorship. He has written grants for clients yielding them a return on investment as high as 35:1 (for every $1.00 the client spent with me I returned to them $35.00)! Moreover, Tim has worked with startups and small nonprofits helping them to secure their first ever grants and teaching them systems that created consistent funding.

He is a “Certified Nonprofit Professional” through the historic Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. Moreover, Tim is a “seasoned” Grant Writer who has been in the game for 15 years with a 93.75% success rate in my writing. He received his Community Development Certification from the Howard University Center for Urban Progress. While he is a licensed minister and evangelist with conservative Christian values, he also values diversity and inclusion and is passionate to give people a “seat at the table” who otherwise would never receive an invitation to the dinner.

Tim’s Services Include:

  • For-Profit Setup & Formation
  • 501(c)(3) Setup & Formation
  • Getting Organizations “Grant Ready”
  • Grant Research & Writing
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Programming Consulting
  • Board Training
  • Grant Peer Reviewing & Editing
  • Forever Grants

“Knowledge is just having information. Wisdom is knowing how to use that information to get desired results” – Tim Butler

Connect with Tim: