How to Submit for IRB and Conduct a Needs & Strengths Assessment

Learn about the process of submitting an IRB application with special guest Dr. Deborah Ellen.

In this episode, Dr. Ellen shares with us her experience in conducting Needs & Strengths Assessments, as well as submitting for IRB-approval numerous times. She gives us the behind-the-scenes information and tips on how to conduct a Needs & Strengths Assessment in a no-nonsense, simple step-by-step way.

She also shares lessons learned on submitt for IRB-approval!

Dr. Ellen’s Bio:

Dr. Ellen is Assistant Professor of Education at Guam Community College and active member of the Pacific Islands Bilingual Bicultural Association and co-chair of newly formed non-profit – Talaya Micronesia. Her passion as a lifelong learner and commitment to the protection of Indigenous rights and the environment have taken her on a journey around the globe, including 22 years in the Gulf region, Indonesia, Guam, and other islands of Micronesia. She shares her passion related to education grounded in localization and sustainability of languages, cultures, and the environment at local and regional events.

Connect with Dr. Ellen:

Find out more about Dr. Ellen on Facebook at Talaya Micronesia

Resources from this episode:

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