What, Why, and How to do a Needs and Strengths Assessment

Today we have a re-broadcast on the Needs & Strengths Assessment! If you’d like to read another blog on the original podcast, click here.

For a brief synopsis, though, we examine the What, How, and Why.

What are Needs & Strengths Assessments?

Needs Assessment: A Needs Assessment examines what the needs are in a community or around a topic. An example could be there is a high need in the community for people in recovery to have a living wage and therefore need to attend more supportive services to help them reach their goal.

Strengths Assessment: A Strengths Assessment seeks to identify what the existing strengths are in a community or around a topic. An example could be that there are plenty of supportive services for people in recovery in the community, however transportation is the main missing key.

How do you Conduct Needs & Strengths Assessments?

There are a variety of ways to gather information via Needs & Strengths Assessments. See the full article for more information, or better yet listen to the podcast!

  • Surveys (open-ended questions)
  • Surveys (pre-determined questions)However, we are also officially six months into the 2019! If you have not done your semi-annual review and goal setting, make sure y
  • Surveys (mixture)
  • Online Surveys or in-Person or Over the Phone
  • Social Media Polls
  • Focus Groups

Why do you Conduct a Needs & Strengths Assessment?

These assessments are vital for a number of reasons, including:

  • Utilize results for grants
  • Publish results on website
  • Share results on social media
  • Create relationships with beneficiaries
  • Guide development of projects
  • Demonstrate real need and real solutions
  • Share findings with donors/funding sources/etc.
  • Creates validity for your projects
  • And more!


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