How to Shift Your Mindset to Build Confidence & Increase Funding with THE Sean Croxton

I’ve been following Sean Croxton for about 8 years. Not like in a stalking, crazy type of following, but listening to his podcasts and being his friend/follower on all social platforms. Okay in today’s world that is just normal ‘engagement’, but back in the day that may have been borderline stalking.

In any case, it’s totally legal AND I have learned (and continue to learn) SO much from him!

One thing I remember hearing him say was how happy he was when he paid off all his debt (his student loan was the last thing) and sat down in his house, looked around and realized his imagination had paid for everything. At that moment I realized I wanted to be like Sean 😉, and he became my hero.

Fast forward several years and I was able to experience that exact same thing, with much thanks to continuing to listen to his podcasts and take part in his Rich Lit Society and Money Mindset Academy.

Here’s the thing. What I talk about every week and to experts every week is about MONEY. Yes, the podcast title might be Nonprofit Strategic Planning or How to Write Grants, but underlying all of this is your nonprofit or the nonprofits you work with need money to meet their mission.

So why do only about, er, 1% of nonprofits focus on the mindset behind money?

Aligning your mindset behind money is really how your freelance business will grow and the nonprofits you work at or with.

Sean is the expert in money mindset and is a living example of how to physically and psychologically change your mindset. And I thought, “hmmm… I bet the changemakers will love him and totally benefit from listening to him!”

That’s why I asked Sean Croxton to come on the show.

He delivered. Totally. In this podcast he explains money mindset, where he goes nerdy (non, woo-woo) into the wiring of the brain and how your past experience colors your current situations. He also tells all in how to change neuro pathways of your mind. Sound a little trippy? It’s amazing!

Oh, and by the way, it was super cool for me to talk to someone I’ve been stalking, er, following for nearly a decade.

Sean’s philosophy: “Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

Sean and I discuss:

  • Who is Sean Croxton?
  • Sean’s background with money mindset
  • Getting past your limiting beliefs and “us vs. them” mentality
  • Redirecting your thoughts toward abundancy
  • The science behind rewiring your brain
  • The importance of realistic expectations
  • Dealing with rejection in a healthy way
  • Pricing mindset for freelancers and consultants
  • Member Questions!
    • Renewing your mindset daily
    • Changing the money mindset of an organization

Sean’s Top Quotes:

“Your relationship with money has everything to do with something called your consciousness. Success consciousness or poverty consciousness.”

“We see the world through a filter of somebody else’s beliefs, ideas, and opinions, and it happened so long ago that we don’t even realize it.”

“Speak to them in terms of what their values are because companies are going to write a check for causes that line up with their values.”

“Improving your relationship with money isn’t just about money. It’s improving your relationship with yourself.”

“If you have a low self-worth, you’re never going to have a high net-worth.”

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