Strategic Hacks To Rethink Fundraising To Grow A Nonprofit With Samantha Taitano

In today’s podcast, Samantha Taitano executive director of Mañe’lu formerly Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam, is going to give you strategic hacks on how to rethink fundraising to grow funding in 2020.

We have a great conversation and she touches on time management for productivity, strategic planning tips, hacks on getting creative for fundraising strategies, and discusses some HR challenges while wearing all the hats in a small nonprofit.

This podcast is for you if you are an executive director or manager who wears many hats or if you are a freelance grant writer or nonprofit consultant who works with many small to medium-sized nonprofits.

This actually covers a lot of people. Many nonprofits I have worked at and have worked with have these types of challenges, so I am happy to have Samantha on the program because I know she does a great job on planning and executing.

“After attending one of Holly’s two-day courses, I knew I had to jump on the opportunity to take her beta Nonprofit Strategic Planning Course.  She has a wealth of experience and knowledge and her courses are organized, comprehensive and provide you with resources that you can take with you and use for years to come.  Holly’s Nonprofit Strategic Planning Course assisted our organization successfully disaffiliate from a national organization and create the groundwork for a completely local program that continues to grow and thrive.  Thank you, Holly for continuing to put out courses and resources to assist nonprofits to successfully work towards their missions.”

Samantha Taitano, Executive Director, Mañe’lu formerly Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam

What we discuss on the podcast:

  • Transitioning from a national nonprofit to a local one
  • How to get a strong and committed board of directors
  • Social media: Do not just put up content, but track your data
  • Social media: What platform to use?
  • Branding magic
  • 3 Time management tips
  • Nonprofit Strategic Planning retreats
  • Fundraising hacks and creative pivots
  • Apply for grants! Less competition
  • How to wear all hats in a small nonprofit

About Samantha:

Samantha Taitano is the Executive Director of Mañe’lu, a nonprofit organization that empowers and educates youth and families to change their lives for the better.  She has been with the organization since 2018 and successfully led the rebranding of the organization from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam to Mañe’lu.  To date, Samantha has worked to secure over $500k in grant funding which led to the expansion of the portfolio of services Mañelu manages.

Prior to her start with Mañe’lu, Samantha worked to develop experiences reinforcing her desire to assist local communities develop capacity and understand technology. While with the Peace Corps, she worked to enrich the lives of rural communities in South Africa. Samantha later returned home to Guam where she developed corporate experience with a private organization developing IT solutions. During her spare time, she enjoys spending time connecting to her island home and exploring destinations near and far.

Where to find Samantha:

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