How Interns are Helping Nonprofits Around the World

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I’ve interviewed Dylan Mehri of Niñas Sin Miedo and had a stimulating and solution-oriented conversation on fundraising for international nonprofits. Tune into this interview for an upbeat and inspiring conversation!

Join me today as Dylan shares the beautiful mission and development of Niñas Sin Miedo and his personal journey in the nonprofit field and specifically fundraising for an international organization. His questions and comments could be similar to the ones you have for your organization too!

Dylan’s Bio:

Dylan Mehri graduated from Oberlin College in 2018 with majors in Politics and Hispanic Studies. At Oberlin, he focused on his research on transitional justice in Colombia, private business and culture in Cuba, and electoral campaigns in the United States. Currently, Dylan is the International Fundraising Coordinator for the Colombian nonprofit, Niñas Sin Miedo (Fearless Girls). Dylan and Niñas Sin Miedo work to prevent gendered violence and break traditional gender norms through a unique combination of education and cycling programs. In his free time, Dylan enjoys creating Spotify playlists, making abstract sculptures, and adventuring outdoors.

Niñas Sin Miedo uses two main tools to achieve its mission: the bicycle school and community workshops. They work to empower girls and teens in vulnerable situations through biking & education programs to prevent sexual violence and unplanned pregnancy. Using the sport of cycling as a way to stimulate the girls’ own potential. The experience of riding a bike is showing the girls their true capacity to learn and develop new abilities. The organization aligns its sustainable development goals with the 2015 General Assembly of the United Nations (objective 5), “achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”. 

Connect with Niñas Sin Miedo:

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