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5 Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Thanksgiving

This year is definitely a bit different when thinking for end of year fundraising. Let’s be real.

But not doing fundraisers may not be an option (and shouldn’t be) for your nonprofit, or the nonprofits that you serve.

People still want to give to your nonprofit. And some people may have some extra cash this year as they aren’t traveling and doing all the normal holiday things.

Other people may even realize the impact your nonprofit really has in the community and understand that you haven’t been getting the funding you normally do. Therefore, I encourage you to do your fundraising events.

But I also realize that you may not be able to do the good ole brick n’ mortar (or live) ones that you usually do. So here are some great ideas for nonprofits to do some virtual fundraisers over this Thanksgiving or over the holidays in 2020 and beyond.

1. Build Relationships – Thank Your Current Donors

Before you start asking for money, you want to make sure you first have given thanks. This is your time of year to also recognize those who have given in the past. So give a shout-out and nurture that relationship before you ask for another donation.
Ways to thank your donors:
  • Snail Mail! Send out a thank you card! We love snail mail right now!
  • Recognize (and tag) donors on your social media accounts. We are all online more right now. Be sure to recognize people!
  • For a list of 15 Creative Ways to Recognize Donors and Thank Them, you can listen to Podcast #33 HERE or check out the YouTube Channel.

2. Virtual Turkey Trot Fun Run & Scavenger Hunt

A fun way to earn some funding on Thanksgiving is to organize a Turkey Trot 2K, 5K, or 10K. But what about now?

Virtual fun runs are all the rage right now. Adding a virtual scavenger hunt can be tons of fun (and way less work than organizing an in-person 5K, believe me).

I love Scavify. :) Click here to see.

3. Baking Competition

This is a great way to add a variety of food for people right now. We are all tired of cooking and ordering and need some variety!
Host a seasonal baking competition utilizing the top bakers in your community. Entry fees can be very nominal to try out samples of the baked goods. This competition will create a buzz about the baked goods and may not raise a lot of money, BUT to upsell you can create an online order form for people to order the winning baked goods! So, all of a sudden the pumpkin pie that won the competition, you can now sell pre-orders on your website!

4. Gift Baskets

Create a gift basket, complete with your logo and a brochure about your organization, and go get corporate orders! Yes, corporations love giving out gift baskets to their clients and staff, but they also want something new and meaningful each year. If they order the gift basket from your organization, you can still include the typical cheese, fruits, and baked goods, but you can also add your swag and personal touch so everyone that receives the basket knows that their gift benefited a nonprofit!

Tip: Take orders (paid orders) from corporates beforehand so you do not hold onto any unwanted inventory.

5. Holiday Virtual Trivia Night

This is a fun alternative to an in-person trivia night. People want to have fun right now and this is a great way to still have people connect and have fun online. Have people register online with a certain monetary charge per team. Get some great donated prizes and find some snazzy holiday trivia questions!
I used TriviaMaker recently: Click here.
Here is a link to other online trivia makers.

So those are 5 Great Virtual Fundraising Events for Thanksgiving!