How Grant Research Can Be a Service You Offer Nonprofit Clients

Did you know that you can do grant research as a stand-alone service or in a package that you offer nonprofit clients?

You write grants, but did you know you can charge separately for researching and finding grants?

(jaw drop)

Yes! Here’s the thing…sometimes nonprofit clients will approach grant professionals with a list of grant opportunities and just want you to write the grants.

But more often than not, nonprofit clients will also want you – the freelance grant writer – to research the grants, too.

And other times, nonprofit clients may not understand that this is an additional service or will increase your grant writing rate.


Well, grant research takes:

  • an investment of your skillset (yes, grant research is an art),
  • your time (the research rabbit hole), and
  • money (most grant research databases charge you to use their database).

So grant research can actually be a standalone service you provide or in addition to the grant writing (first you find the best X # of best-fit grants, then you write them).

In this week’s podcast, I go into more detail on the how, why, and what of grant research! Be sure to give it a listen :)


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