How Nonprofits Get Funding from Grants, Fundraisers, and Donors

For a nonprofit organization to be successful, it is important to have a healthy mix of funding from grants, fundraisers, donors, services, and more. For nonprofits to entirely rely on grants is not healthy.

  • Is your nonprofit struggling financially?
  • Do you only get grants or only do fundraising?

If you nodded your head to either of these questions, you will definitely want to check out this episode.

And if you are a nonprofit board director, executive director, or even a freelance grant writer looking to expand your services, then this podcast is for you.

Guess who is back on the Grant Writing & Funding podcast with me this week? Dr. Beverly Browning! Woot-woot!

What we Discuss on How to Get Funding from Grants

  • How your board of directors can contribute financially
  • Why your start-up nonprofit should do monthly fundraisers and how it doesn’t have to be hard
  • Why it’s critical your nonprofit is on
  • How you can get money to start a nonprofit
  • How you can raise $40,000+ in more than a year
  • What your funding should consist of (it’s not all grants)
  • How much funding you should get from grants
  • Why social media is intertwined with funding opportunities

If you are looking to improve your nonprofit’s financial portfolio and, heck, just get some ideas that will help increase your funding, then make sure to check out this podcast.

Or if you are a freelance grant writer and want more ways to serve your nonprofit with funding from grants, donors, and fundraisers, then be sure to check out this podcast.

About Dr. Beverly Browning

Funding from Grants

Dr. Beverly Browning shares on how to get funding from grants, fundraisers, and donors for your nonprofit or freelance grant writing company.

Dr. Beverly A. Browning has been consulting in grant writing, RFP responses, technical writing, and organizational development for over four decades.  Her clients have included Tribal nations, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, career, volunteer, and combination fire departments; chambers of commerce, faith-based organizations, and units of government including state and federal government agencies; school districts and colleges; charter schools, social and human service agencies, hospitals, service associations, and Fortune 500 corporations.  Dr. Browning has assisted clients and workshop participants throughout the United States in receiving more than $750 million.

Dr. Browning is the author of 44 grant-related publications, including six editions (over 1 million books sold) of Grant Writing For Dummies™ and Nonprofit Kit for Dummies – 6th Edition ( She is also an international trainer and keynote speaker.  In 2015, she was selected by the Centers for Disease Control NICRD division to conduct a five-day Grant Writing Boot Camp in South Africa for ministers of health and other top-level health directors from 23 African countries.

Dr. Browning holds graduate and post-graduate degrees in Organizational Development, Public Administration, and Business Administration.  She has been a grant writing course developer and online facilitator for Cengage Learning ( for 20 years.  Her online courses (taught to thousands of students annually) are Advanced Proposal Writing, Becoming a Grant Writing Consultant, A to Z Grant Writing,  A to Z Grant Writing: Part 2 – Beyond the Basics, and Writing Winning RFPs.

Dr. Browning is the Founder and Director of the Grant Writing Training Foundation and CEO for Bev Browning, LLC.  She is a current member of the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) and has presented training workshops and keynote presentations for multiple GPA chapters U.S.-wide.  In 2017, Dr. Browning joined the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and was a workshop presenter at their 2018 International conference in New Orleans.  She is an approved trainer for GPA and CFRE International. In 2021, Dr. Browning became a founder of Integro Bancorp and sits on the board of directors for Integro Bank, a new Phoenix-based community bank specializing in services for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

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