How to Save Time in Your Nonprofit & Grant Business with the Impact Method

Are you increasing your capacity at your nonprofit organization? What about for your freelance grant writing business? Capacity really means saving time for leaders. Sometimes money can leverage time and vice versa. But time seems to be the most valuable metric for nonprofits and grant writing businesses. What?! The thing that is free? Yep. Because, believe you me, it’s not necessarily free.

In this week’s podcast, special guest Sarah Olivieri goes over the Impact Method that she has created and how it is used for nonprofits and freelance grant writers.

You will want this blueprint!

What We Discuss About Saving Time for Leaders

  • What the Impact Method is
  • What capacity means
  • How to create an effective blueprint
  • How to get more time back in your day
  • How to have accountability
  • How to delegate better

At PivotGround, Sarah leads her team of digital experts on a mission to help clients increase capacity, deliver better programming, attract more funding, and hopefully make the world a little better.