2023 Grant Funding Changes with Steve Boland of Next in Nonprofits

Steve explains how grant funding has changed in 2023, the impact AI is having on grant funding, and how Covid has impacted grants.

With the worse of Covid behind us and the fast rise of ChatGPT and AI, it seems like 2023 is going to be a year of change for many industries, and grant funding is no exception.

Steve joins us to explain how grant funding will change in 2023, the restructuring of the grant application process, and how government grants have changed since Covid. 

He also talks about the different ways non-profits can access grant funding, the ways ChatGPT is affecting grants, and the effect MacKenzie Scott is having on grant funding.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Our grant funding forecast for 2023.
  • The gatekeepers and barriers of entry to government grants.
  • How the traditional grant application process is being restructured.
  • The ways government grants have changed since Covid.
  • How MacKenzie Scott is changing grants.
  • The monopolization happening in the non-profit sector.
  • Different ways to access grant funding.
  • How ChatGPT is affecting grant funding in 2023.


  • “MacKenzie Scott is selecting 250 organizations for a million dollars each. This seems like a lot of money but when you contextualize it against the 14 billion she’s already given away you realize 250 million dollars is just a test.”
  • “Certain foundations and funding sources require multiple reports, have lots of restrictions, and only provide a small amount of funding. They don’t have bad intentions but they’re too time-consuming and really you can spend your time better elsewhere.”
  • “I spend more time writing and refining prompts for ChatGPT than if I wrote the grant myself. But it is evolving, and can get you a workable draft to start from instead of having to start from scratch.”