Tips for Grant Writers to Work Better With Nonprofits Clients

If you are a freelance grant writer and find yourself not being able to get documents from your nonprofit client, you are not alone.

Vice versa, if you are a leader in a nonprofit organization and aren’t sure what is all being done by your freelance grant writer or nonprofit consultant, you are not alone.

Communication is key with any relationship. The thing is, when you enter into a contract with a nonprofit organization, you are entering into a relationship.

If you are a freelance grant writer, being able to be transparent with your work is key in ensuring that all the grants are getting written on time.

If you are a nonprofit leader, getting those documents over to your grant writer is instrumental in making sure the grant gets submitted on time (and that you keep your grant writer!).

Steve Boland, Next in Nonprofits, shares his decades of knowledge and experience about how consultants and nonprofits can best collaborate.

What We Discuss:

  • Steve’s Experience with a Degree in Nonprofit Work
  • How Grant Writers can Collaborate with Nonprofits
  • Why A Grant Writer Isn’t a Program Manager
  • Different Types of Nonprofit Clients
  • Why Grant Writers Might Be Asked to Develop New Projects
  • How to Handle Nonprofit Organization’s Expectations
  • Why Weekly Meetings are Key in Collaboration
  • Why a Grant Writer Consultant can Help a Nonprofit Leader

About Steve

Steve Boland is a nonprofit veteran with over 25 years of experience helping charities grow with new ideas in fundraising and communications. Steve has presented over 100 learning sessions on topics such as crowdfunding, fundraising infrastructure, and social media strategy for nonprofits.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Steve holds a Master of Nonprofit Management from Hamline University, and is an alumnus of the Shannon Leadership Institute. Steve is the Managing Partner of Next in Nonprofits, a consulting and services firm focused on building engagement for charities.