How Much do Freelance Grant Writers Make?

This is a fully loaded question.

The thing is that freelance grant writers can make as much money as they want to make 😊.

No, I am not trying to be cheeky. It’s true.

So, really the question underneath this one is:

“How much money can I make as a freelance grant writer?”  

Which brings us to another layer of a question…

“How much can I charge as a freelance grant writer?”

You can see that these questions are all related, right?

The thing is the answers to these questions are not cookie-cutter or set in stone.

It depends.

Here are some things to consider when wanting to know how much you can make as a freelance grant writer.

Grant Writing Experience

If you have been a grant writer for several years and are comfortable with grant writing, you will be able to charge more than someone starting from scratch. That is true for anything.

When you have more experience, you can showcase:

This is huge!

But even if you have taken one grant writing course and are just getting experience, you can also charge for your services too. You just won’t be charging as much until you develop more of a portfolio (like anything else!).

Ways to overcome the newbie grant writing position is to partner with more seasoned grant writers to review your work and give you feedback.

In that case, feel free to charge more as you will get those seasoned eyes on your grant awards. This is a great opportunity to have a mentor and develop your grant writing skills while also increasing your grant writing credibility.


If you are working with local nonprofit organizations, then it is important to know what market rates are for consultants. You can usually find out this information by checking out local department of labor wages or reaching out to other consultants and asking them what their rates are.

Some consultants may want to keep their pricing private, but it’s worth developing relationships with other consultants (not just grant writers, but service-industry consultants) and find out what the going rates are. These are also just great relationships to develop 😊.

But many of you work online and have national and international clients so you can also see what other folks are charging online.

The problem with just googling other grant writer rates is that you will see prices all over the map.

I’m talking anywhere from $25 per hour to $150+ per hour. This does give you a baseline, but pricing is more nuanced then just pointing out a number.