Lessons Learned as a Nonprofit Executive Director & Nonprofit Consultant

Let’s be real. Being a nonprofit executive director isn’t always a walk in the park. There are definitely challenges that one faces with wearing the following hats:

  • Leader and visionary
  • Fundraiser
  • Being the face of the organization
  • Marketer
  • Manager
  • …and so much more.

It’s a good thing that Dolph Goldenburg, founder of Successful Nonprofits, comes on the Grant Writing & Funding podcast to discuss his lessons learned as an executive director and as a nonprofit consultant.

Dolph goes in deep, starting off the discussion with sharing his experience being completely burned out as nonprofit executive director. At the time, he resigned and took a year off as a sabbatical to reflect. 

This led to his current position as a nonprofit consultant. 

The lessons he has learned along the way include:

  • Taking time to recognize red flags of old habits
  • Negotiating with funding sources
  • Writing grants for enough money instead of settling
  • Being values-based
  • And so much more

Watch the full interview here!