4 Benefits of Becoming a Federal Grant Reviewer

One of the best ways to improve your grant writing is to become a federal grant reviewer. This and, of course, writing grants.

Grant reviewing is when you put on your critique hat and analyze a variety of grants. This is SO beneficial to understand how federal grants are scored.

A federal grant reviewer is someone (non-federal) who reviews federal grant applications.

Why is this beneficial for you as a grant writer?

#1: Increases your grant writing skills

Becoming a federal grant reviewer will mean that your grant writing skills will blossom. You will review a number of grant applications (on average 10) and will see different styles. You will also know what types of writing get scored higher. 

You may also be inspired to use headers, charts, and more. 

#2: Improves your ability to get grants

Because your grant writing skills will be honed by reviewing grants, you should start to secure more grants. This is because you know how grants are reviewed and you understand the experience that grant reviewers go through (i.e. quick, intense reviewing processes).

#3: Increases professional development

You can put your grant reviewing experience on your resume or on your website! 

For grant writers who work in a nonprofit, this is helpful to showcase your learning. For freelance grant writers and nonprofit consultants, this is especially helpful to showcase when you are writing future grants for those programs you have reviewed. 

#4: Increases your income

You will get a small stipend when you are a federal grant reviewer. On average, you will get paid about $125 per grant reviewed and review about 10 grants. Therefore, you average around a grand for being a grant reviewer! 

This changes based on how many grants are submitted, but this is the average.

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