Become A Federal Grant Reviewer: 10X Your Grant Writing Skills While You Get Paid

Are you interested in becoming a better grant writer while gaining experience and not just on a volunteer level?

If you have experience in a specific field: education, homeless shelters, climate change, workforce initiatives, tribe work, etc. then you could become a federal grant reviewer.

In this episode, two of my AMAZING Changemaker Members share their experiences in how they became federal grant reviewers!

I get asked how to become a Federal Grant Reviewer almost as much as I get asked how to write grants! So much, that I am putting a course together on it! If you want to sign up, see below!

In this podcast episode, Christine Taylor, Jennifer Mitsch, and I discuss the following:

  • Overview of Becoming a Grant Review Process
  • How a Grant Review Process is like the Family Giving a Review on the New Boyfriend
  • What it Takes to Become a Grant Reviewer
  • How Jennifer and Christine Became Grant Reviewers and their Experiences
  • Why It’s So Important to Follow the Scoring Criteria in Writing Grants
  • The Don’ts of Grant Writing and What Reviewers Catch
  • Hacks on How to Be a Grant Reviewer (even if you’ve never done it before)
  • Why Grant Reviewing Helps You Become a Better Grant Writer
  • How Points are Deducted on Grant Proposals (see behind-the-scenes)
  • The Magic of 3 on a Grant Review Panel
  • How You Get Paid to Be a Grant Reviewer
  • How Freelancers Can Pitch to Nonprofits to Write Grants That They Have Reviewed

About Christine Taylor:

Christine Taylor is an Advanced Grant Proposal Writing Instructor and has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the City University of New York. She has been working with The Lisa Novak Community Libraries as a grant writer developing winning grants to secure funding from foundations and corporations. Before grant writing, she worked as a copywriter for more than five years.

Christine’s grant writing skills were perfected through Holly Rustick’s Grant Writing Master Course, her membership with the Grant Professional Association, as well as working as a Grant Peer Reviewer with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 2019, and 2020. She has also been asked to sit as a peer reviewer for upcoming projects for the Administration for Native Americans, (ANA), and for Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE).

Find more out about Christine:

About Jennifer Mitsch:

Jennifer is a 22-year veteran of the Cincinnati Police Department and has a passion for public service that extends beyond policing. Currently working on her doctorate in Leadership Studies, Jennifer focuses her time primarily on project management, research, development, and grant writing. Her years in investigations and experience as a federal grant peer reviewer lend to her attention to detail. She values justice, equality, and working toward the greater good.

Jennifer created and developed the CCROW (Cincinnati Citizens Respect Our Witnesses) witness support program and had the opportunity to appear on television shows such as The First 48, Women of Homicide, and the Katie Couric show.  Jennifer was recently nominated for an Emmy award for a documentary she co-produced called ‘Shoot This, Not That‘.  She serves on several boards and is the founder of a non-profit organization providing search and rescue canine response. Jennifer has secured over 12 million dollars in funding – supporting the needs of the community which she serves.

Contact Jennifer here:

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