A Grant Writer’s Dream: The System to Build Relationships with Funding Sources

If you work with a nonprofit (or multiple nonprofit organizations if you are a freelance grant writer), then you know how complex it can get with managing various programs.

I cannot tell you how often I have previous nonprofit clients reach out to me to ask for the previously written grant, funder contact information, and more. This is after I have already sent over a Google drive folder with all information.

The fact is that many nonprofit organizations have turn-over rates in certain positions and data and resources get lost, misplaced, computers crash, and more.

What if your nonprofit could have a place online where all grant information is hosted? Not just a Google drive, but actual contact information of funding sources, all grant attachments and files, a report on how well your nonprofit is doing with submitting grants vs. securing grants, and so much more?

And if you are a freelance grant writer, how nice would this system be for you and your multiple clients?

This is where Rachel Waterman steps in. As an owner that runs a grant writing firm, she started her own online software to manage her clients. Then she saw how well this worked, and how many people were requesting it, so broadened it and now offers it as product.

What We Discussed in this Episode:

  • Why every grant secured costs your nonprofit money
  • How to ensure you bring in money for core elements
  • The confusing differences between programming and operating budget expenses
  • How to build long-term relationships with nonprofit clients
  • How to build relationships with funding sources

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About Rachel

Rachel Waterman

Rachel Waterman has over 25 years of community development and grant writing experience, is Grant Professional Certified (GPC), a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE), a Grant Professionals Association (GPA) Approved Trainer, and an expert in grant management. She holds a Master’s degree in community and economic development with a concentration in applied social research from Illinois State University and a Bachelor’s degree in international studies from Barry University.

Her career has encompassed a broad spectrum of professional experiences, including serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer, nonprofit executive director, community organizer, city master planner, researcher, and Mayor of the city of Lake Worth Beach, Florida.

Rachel is CEO and Founder of GDS Grants. She is responsible for client strategy, new program & budget development, data tracking systems, outcome measures and data analysis.

Rachel also oversees the GDS Professional Development Program and personally coaches GDS interns, fellows and mentees.

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