Revealed! Sneak Peek of the 6-Week Grant Writing Training

We are getting ready for our first 6-Week Grant Writing Training in 2022! After our amazing free masterclass this week, we’ve been getting a ton of questions about the 6-Week Training.

So I thought, “Let’s do a podcast about it!”

If you want more information, you can also check out the training by clicking here.

If you are listening to the podcast/reading this article after March 21st, 2022, no worries, go ahead and click here to find out about our next 6-Week Live Grant Writing Training or jump into the On-Demand Grant Writing Master Course. :)

What’s all included in the 6-Week Grant Writing Training

  • 6 weekly live Zoom sessions
  • a private Facebook group with 6 additional FB Lives
  • 35+ videos, downloadables, and workbooks
  • Feedback on a Master Grant Application that you will write
  • you also get to audit the Live Course at any point (or # of times) in the future!
  • a grant writing certificate

PLUS…time-sensitive special bonuses

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to NOT start with a blank page
  • Research tips
  • How to Write an Objective
  • Writing out Activities
  • Developing a Budget
  • Bonus Tips!

If you’re done with pulling your hair out when even thinking about writing grants and ready to say YES…

  • YES to understanding grant lingo.
  • YES to learn the simple hacks to grant writing.
  • YES to finding out where to find grants.
  • YES to getting your grant writing skills reviewed.
  • YES to having plug-n-play grant writing templates…

Then now is your time to join the 6-Week Live Grant Writing Training.

Limited seats are available so I can make time for all the live feedback and review.

See you on the inside!

Holly xo