3 Tips from an Executive Director that Will Grow a Nonprofit’s Revenue

Dr. Rob Harter shares with us a formula, tips, and trends on how he has grown a nonprofit’s revenue over the last 13 years.

If you are an executive director at a nonprofit, then be sure to listen or watch this podcast!

Here’s just a few tips that Dr. Rob Harter shares with the Grant Writing & Funding Changemakers on how he has helped quadruple funding for his nonprofit, Christian City at Park City (CCPC).

  1. Listening is one of the key stages in growing a nonprofit organization. Rob listens to his staff and community to identify what is needed to grow team morale and to grow brand awareness.
  2. Connect via 1:1 marketing with people in the community.
  3. Be crystal clear on the mission statement of your nonprofit organization.

By practicing these three elements, Dr. Rob Harter has been able to grow CCPC’s revenue!