3 Blog Writing Tips to Drive People to Your Nonprofit or Consultancy Website

Ihor Bauman from Workee comes on the Grant Writing & Funding podcast this week to give you tips to write effective blogs that drive people and donors to your nonprofit or consultancy website.

What We Discuss in Today’s Episode:

  • About Workee
  • Nonprofits on Workee
  • How to Write Blogs
  • Be Clear on Why You Want to Write a Blog
  • Have Quality Content (not just marketing)
  • Be Niche in Your Blog
  • Make Sure Your Content is Optimized for Search Engines
  • Decide How to Market Your Blog
  • Bring People to Talk about Your Products/ Services / Nonprofit
  • Why Having Goals are So Important
  • How to Get the Best Testimonials

About Ihor Bauman

Ihor Bauman is a Co-Founder & CEO at Workee. With more than 8 years in business and product development, Ihor is now running a company with the main mission to build an intelligence workspace for freelancers, autopilot their business and allow them to work directly with customers without any fees.

Workee (www.workee.net) creates a personal website with built-in booking, scheduling, and payments in less than 1 minute, allowing tutors to get booked and paid directly with 0% and autopilot work and client management out of the box.

“Build your company for your customers, not your investors.” – Ihor Bauman