Grant Writer Pricing Survey: Why Grant Professionals Don’t Feel Valued

In this special premiere presentation of Grant Professional Pricing Survey results, Rachel Waterman of Global Development Solutions and Grant Easy Management Systems, delivers the results of an intensive 2022 pricing survey among grant writing professionals. 

The results identified in “Survey Revealed: What & How Grant Professionals are Pricing Their Services” are very eye-opening!

In this FREE presentation, GDS unveiled interesting discoveries such as:  

👉 Almost half of the people who took the survey reported that they struggle to find a fair price for their services even with a median of 14 years of experience in the grant writing profession. 

👉66% of those who do not identify as either male or female and 45% of females said they do at least 10 hours of unpaid work a week, while only 25% of males do. 

👉82% of respondents are female grant professionals 

The Data gets even more interesting when you start breaking it down and looking at it more closely.

This is for you to watch, if you are a grant writing professional and you:

🤔 Feel insecure or unsure of your current prices

🤔 Waste valuable time trying to recreate your pricing structure again and again

🤔 Wonder if other grant writers struggle to price their work too

Pricing struggles in the grant writing industry captivates me because it is the number one challenge voiced by students in my grant professional programs, podcast listeners, and grant professional peers. 

Overwhelmingly, it is the number one question I still get from those starting a grant writing business, as well as from seasoned professionals.

After meeting Rachel Waterman in 2020, we quickly delved into this very specific issue and it motivated us to start having this conversation on a broader scale.

The results of this report are the most influential I have seen in the industry to better understand the psychology behind pricing and how we, as grant professionals, can start to change the narrative. 

Identifying our rates as grant professionals – and feeling confident about them – isn’t about just looking at a number in a report and charging it. 

Value-based pricing really comes down to us – as a collective group – believing in our value, to gain confidence in charging our prices, and to stop working unpaid hours.

This GDS Pricing Report shines a bright light deep into the emotional behavior of pricing, which will ultimately help grant professionals stop stumbling with emotional questions concerning pricing and see the path before us more clearly. 

I take my hat off to Rachel Waterman for illuminating this path and guiding the way towards increasing confidence and fairness of pricing in the grant industry.