5 Challenges & Solutions of European Grants and How to Get Paid as a Grant Writer

I often get emails from people asking about grants in Europe. Although I have worked on international grants before, that is not my forte.

So I was super pleased when Geir Sand Nilsen reached out to me to discuss the challenges and solutions of European grants. This goes for grants for businesses, grant writers, and nonprofits.

In this podcast, Geir and I discuss:

Challenges of EU grants

    1. Navigation is a mess
    2. EU is a union with many different languages and cultures so it is difficult to organize a central place for grant research
    3. It’s a partner’s game. You need intra-country partners for many grants
    4. Local help. Your country needs to have money to fund the grants
    5. In the end, it’s about Europe

Geir’s Top Quotes:

“My nature is finding money to build the dreams. Now I just want to go back and do this a lot, and help others do the same thing.”

“Building a business that scales always comes down to understanding people.”

Geir’s Bio:

Geir Sand Nilsen is a Norwegian-based serial tech entrepreneur and thought leader. He has experience from a wide range of industries including app development, mobile marketing, social media, chatbots, and educational technology. 

For his ventures, Geir has raised both public grants and private funding from the Nordics, EU, Singapore and the US. In his newest venture, mrgrants.com, Geir will use technology to make life easier for all grant writers in the EU.

Connect with Geir:


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