Ashia is a true animal lover who turned her passion into a nonprofit that’s spreading!

Ashia and I discuss:

  • Why Ashia started her nonprofit
  • The mission of Once Upon a Paw (OUP)
  • What it takes to run a nonprofit organization
  • Funding sources for OUP
  • Getting board members, paid staff, and volunteers
  • Finding a grant writer for your nonprofit
  • Generating new fundraiser ideas
  • Expanding and franchising nonprofits
  • Ashia’s best dvice for nonprofits and consultants

Ashia’s Top Quotes:

“I’m all for the animals! Also for the people too, but I’m for the animals. I’m their little voice.”

“Pets shouldn’t suffer and people shouldn’t have to surrender their pets.”

Ashia’s Bio:

Ashia Stevens is the Executive Director at Once Upon A Paw which was started in 2015. Before she started this 501c3, Ashia worked and still currently works as a Veterinarian Technician. She have been a Vet Tech since 2011. Ashia has a six-year-old son named Dorian, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a red tail boa snake.

Once Upon A Paw (OUP) was started on June 3, 2015. OUP is an organization that gives animals a voice and financial help to families in qualified areas. OUP covers 100 percent of expenses for dog & cats annual care. OUP also donates hundreds of pet food to families in Cook & Maricopa County areas. OUP’s goal is to decrease animal shelter rates and save more pet lives.

Connect with Ashia:


Email: [email protected]


Watch the full interview with Ashia!

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