Do you just ask for money or do you tell a story? Featuring Dan Portnoy of Portney Media Group

Check out this week’s interview with Dan Portnoy to learn more about increasing funding through storytelling and to get ready for Giving Tuesday!

Dan and I discuss:

  • Dan’s extensive background in nonprofit work
  • Using the simplicity of storytelling to connect
  • Assessing a nonprofit’s story, internally and externally
  • How to make the most of Giving Tuesday
  • Dan’s FREE course – How To Make #GivingTuesday Amazing Without A Plan… yet!
  • Why Giving Tuesday shouldn’t be your BIG campaign
  • The best timing for recurring gifts
  • Tips for improving your email marketing
  • Dan’s next book coming soon!

Dan’s Bio:

Dan is the founder of Portnoy Media Group and the author of The Non-Profit Narrative: How Telling Stories Can Change the World.

For over two decades, Dan has worked with the toughest outposts of Fortune 500 companies to get them back on track with big results. He is a sought after to help flesh out ideas, coach teams, and lead senior staff through the digital age.

He is a story expert and builds narratives that remove the barriers between traditional cultivation and acquisition.

Connect with Dan:

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