How to Make a Nonprofit Fly with Zac Woonsam of Youth Inspiration Nation

Zac shares the ins and outs of his nonprofit while Holly provides TONS OF TIPS for increasing funding and getting more grants!

Zac and I discuss:

  • The reality of working with nonprofits
  • The inspiration behind Zac’s nonprofit
  • How he teaches and encourages middle school kids
  • The logistics for teaching children how to fly
  • The downside of giving things away for free
  • Strategies he uses to fund his nonprofit
  • How to move from foundation grants to federal Funds
    • Including tons of practical tips from Holly for getting federal grants
  • Making connections to increase funding
  • What to do when you can’t afford a grant writer (don’t miss this!)
  • Writing a press release to get more visibility

Resources from this episode:

Zac’s Top Quotes:

“If it was easy, it wouldn’t be any fun!”

“You have to talk to other people. Learn lessons that they’ve learned already so that you don’t have to make that same mistake.”

“Life unfolds the way it’s supposed to unfold, but if you don’t put in the work nothing’s gonna happen.”

“Step 1 – Have a dream. Step 2 – Go big or go home. Step 3 – Work your butt off”

Zac’s Bio:

Zac Woonsam is the Executive Director of Youth Inspiration Nation Inc, a non-profit that is dedicated to providing motivation, inspiration, and education through aviation. In a nutshell, he teaches little kids how to fly. Zac founded Youth Inspiration Nation in 2017, and it’s been the most painfully brutal, yet amazingly gratifying experience he’s ever had. His favorite saying is, “If it was easy, it wouldn’t be any fun!”

Connect with Zac:

You can find Zac on his website or on Facebook and Instagram! @AviationEducation4Kids


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