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Formerly Amazon Bestselling book titled, Wish Granted!

How would it feel to know that every time you were tasked to write a grant that you could confidently sit down at your computer and have templates and a blueprint to guide you through the entire process?

In The Beginner’s Guide to Grant Writing, world-renowned grant writing expert Holly Rustick walks you step-by-step through how to write successful grants so you can grow capacity for nonprofits and help them advance their missions.

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If you are looking for bite-sized actionable guidance to grow funding for your nonprofit or clients, Holly Rustick reveals all her grant writing strategies, nonprofit funding action steps, and tips and tools on her weekly top-ranked podcast, Grant Writing & Funding.

Discover how you can develop clear frameworks to grow your nonprofit or freelance grant writing work and create a positive impact in the world. Holly has more than a decade of grant experience and secured millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations throughout the world while building up a successful and leading grant writing company.

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