Crowdfunding for Your Nonprofit

Are you struggling with figuring out how to crowdfund for your nonprofit?

Do all podcasts and blogs only discuss how to crowdfund for products?

In this podcast, Steve Vick, Founder of Nonprofit Ally, discusses how to run successful crowdfunding for your nonprofit.

As executive director for Noble Paws, he has had his own share of crowdfunding and has learned what to do and NOT to do.

Steve holds a degree in Multimedia Development and has a passion for content creation, capacity building, and program development. In this podcast, he tells us about his crowdfunding experience and how he went from burnout to success. Some things we talk about:

  • How much money to ask for when crowdfunding
  • What types of projects nonprofits can develop for crowdfunding
  • How often you should crowdfund
  • Which platforms nonprofits should use
  • The crowdfunding team
  • How to not burn out your donors

And Much More…

Check out this podcast if your nonprofit is looking for additional streams of income and are trying to master, or heck, just figure out how to crowdfund. Stop struggling when it comes to crowdfunding for your nonprofit!

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