How Nonprofits can implement cyber security protocols to protect grant and donor funding with Elvis Moreland

This episode, Elvis Moreland explains the security risks for nonprofits, the effect cyber security breaches can have on funding, and how nonprofits can reduce data breaches. 

Elvis Moreland is an award winning senior executive and subject expert in cyber risk management and is a Computerworld Premier 100 Leader. 

Elvis joins us to discuss the data security and privacy risks for nonprofits, how ransomware is used against nonprofits, and the ways hackers are using AI and automation. 

He also talks about why nonprofits are targeted by hackers, the SOPs nonprofits should have to reduce cybersecurity risks, and what happens when a nonprofit gets hacked. 

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The cyber security risks for nonprofits. 
  • How nonprofits can reduce data breach risks. 
  • Why nonprofits have a high security risk. 
  • Different scams that target nonprofit organizations. 
  • How nonprofits can safeguard their systems from hackers. 
  • The privacy laws in different states and how to find out the privacy laws in your state. 
  • Case studies of nonprofits that have been victims of cyber attacks. 
  • How ransomware is used against nonprofits.
  • The type of SOPs nonprofits needs to protect themselves from cybersecurity attacks. 
  • Different grants you can get to help with cybersecurity.