Why the 10 Best Practices of a Nonprofit Board are Flawed

Every nonprofit organization needs a board of directors. 

However, understanding what that board should do, how to recruit board members, what the rules and responsibilities are of the board members, and how involved they should be in fundraising, are all super common questions.

To really shine a different light on board member roles, Sarah Olivieri from PivotGround, comes on the Grant Writing & Funding Podcast and YouTube Channel to give a different perspective.

In fact, Sarah says the Board Best Practices might not be the best thing for your nonprofit after all. 

Sarah has done a ton of research and implementation in efficient board practices and shares those with us.

In this Episode we Discuss:

  • About Sarah
  • 300 Years of Nonprofit Research
  • Harvard Started the Wealthy Donor Board
  • Why the 10 Responsibilities of a Board is Flawed
  • Why a Diverse Board is Important
  • How Your Board Can Raise Funding
  • What to Look for in a Board Member
  • Board Best Practices
  • Decisions Board Members Should Make