Nonprofits Who Get Tech Savvy Earn More with Nonprofit Jenni

I’m talking with Nonprofit Jenni today about what foundations are looking for when they want to fund your nonprofit.

She’s also going to share tech savvy best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which will help you rank higher in Google search pages.

Finally, she’s going to talk about easily hosting online auctions for fundraising.

Jenni and I discuss:

  • Her background in corporate and switch to nonprofits
  • What are the main things foundations are looking for?
  • The need for logic models and market research
  • Researching with your budget and where your audience is
  • How can you use market research during Covid-19?
  • Coordinating with other nonprofits to better serve the community
  • The importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Ad Grant for nonprofits
  • Getting items for silent auctions
  • Online bidding software for silent auctions

Resources from this episode:

Jenni’s Top Quote:

“Everyone is looking for a real solution to a community issue, so the thing that you need is proof that you are offering that solution to an issue that’s actually considered an issue by the community.”

Jenni’s Bio:

Jenni Hargrove is a Charitable Marketing Coach and hosts a podcast for nonprofit leaders called the Nonprofit Jenni Show. With a background in market research and corporate philanthropy, Jenni loves training nonprofit leaders in best practices for building a robust Marketing and Fundraising Strategy.

Connect with Jenni:


Social Media:  @nonprofitjenni

Watch the full interview with Jenni!

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