Behind the Scenes with Grant Writing & Funding: How We Are Navigating COVID-19

This week my project manager and I are taking you behind the scenes of Grant Writing & Funding to share with you how we’re pivoting in light of Covid-19. We also share our favorite systems for running online businesses.

Becky and I discuss:

  • Meet the team behind Grant Writing & Funding!
  • Working with contractors vs. full-time employees
  • Developing an organization chart for your business
  • Pausing your processes to pivot
  • Systems we use to operate Grant Writing & Funding

Resources from this episode:

NextAfter with Brady Josephson

Project Management System:

Communication Systems:

Graphics System:

Organization System:

Financial System:

Time Management System:

Website System:

Becky’s Bio:

Becky Moffit gave up her engineering career to pursue her passions as an online business owner. She’s the founder of multiple online businesses including The Organized CEO. Her mission is to reduce the overwhelm that comes with starting and growing an online business by getting you organized.

Connect with Becky:


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