Ways to Embrace Online Fundraising with Brady Josephson

As we’re navigating through the pandemic and things are starting to reopen, we’ve seen a huge increase in online functions. You may be thinking “I need to learn all this and invest all my resources in online marketing.”

Brady Josephson takes a simpler approach specifically for online fundraising for nonprofit organizations and shares the steps that you can take right now to boost your online marketing.

Brady and I discuss:

  • How the NextAfter Institute helps nonprofits
  • Counterintuitive fundraising practices
  • Resources and research for Covid-19
  • Collecting data through donating to nonprofits
  • The Big Question: What are other nonprofits doing?
  • Increasing trends for 2020
  • Using focused and authentic marketing
  • Data-informed strategy for fundraising
  • Email marketing vs. social media
  • The basics you need for fundraising

Resources from this episode:

Brady’s Top Quotes:

“Far too often, we’ve gone about fundraising without research and evidence, which I think is why giving is stagnating and actually declining in terms of the number of people giving.”

“You don’t need to know but you need to have a process to know how to know. That’s what testing is. I don’t know if you should send 3 emails or 6. But I know how to run a test to figure out if you should run 3 emails or 6.”

“How can you be more transparent? How can you be more communicative and authentic? Those things will lead you to success whether you’re in a pandemic or not in a pandemic.”

“The biggest piece is message, message, message. It’s the biggest driver of donations and revenue. Answer that question of why someone should give to you today. And not enough organizations do a really good job of answering that question.”

Brady’s Bio:

Brady is the Managing Director of the NextAfter Institute where he performs original research, develops evidence-based resources, and provides data-driven training to help organizations raise more money online to fund their life-changing work. 

A charity nerd, adjunct professor, and international speaker, his thoughts have been featured in The Huffington Post, NPR, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy among others. He was the lead researcher and author of The Canadian Online Fundraising Scorecard, The State of Nonprofit Donation Pages, and The State of Nonprofit Email Cultivation. Brady is also a host of The Generosity Freakshow — a podcast discussing how we can improve, optimize, and grow giving.

He lives just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, with his wife, Liz, son, Hendrix, dog, Melly, and cat, Thor. 

Connect with Brady:


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